Babel Media Art

Contemporary Art Program at Torre Colpatria in Bogotá

Babel Media Art is a platform that manages a program of contemporary art exhibitions at Torre Colpatria in Bogotá. The Contemporary Art Program at Torre Colpatria is presented within the public space of the city, broadcasting the work of emerging and renowned artists. Developed by artists, while giving a different connotation to an economic icon of the city, the program seeks to diversify the ways of presenting and consuming culture. In this way, the platform proposes alternative relationships between citizenship, artistic practice and institutions while endorsing a close interaction with the context.

This initiative began its activities in October of 2017 with the work "Snowstorm", by the artist Raúl Marroquín; it continued with "A logo for America" ​​by Alfredo Jaar in November 2017.

It has had 10 artistic interventions, from national and international artists and it has been part of ARTBO fds. Along with each broadcasted content, Babel Media Art organizes round tables, conferences and other events in which to reflect and discuss about the art works, while receiving feedback from the public.

Babel Media Art is an emerging platform founded by Colombian artists Daniela Medina Poch and Iván Tovar, which work together with artists Verónica López, Rafael Díaz and Daniela Gutierrez.




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